11 Nov

i love to read blogs. some of the best stuff online is on blogs.

my work computer doesn’t like blogs. thus, i don’t like my work computer.

anywho. i’m glad you’ve stumbled upon my little project here. i hope you’ll enjoy it and decide to stick around! this blog will be about…everything, just like the name says. i’m your typical 20-something wife, mom, full-time working girl who loves trashy TV, nail polish, cute shoes and all that jazz. i’ll share all of that with you here and maybe together we’ll learn something!

let’s start with beauty, shall we?

how adorable is the packaging?!

i’ve read quite a few blogs that mention Birchbox. after hearing rave reviews i decided to check it out for myself. i’m excited to say i signed up for it today and can NOT wait to get my first box. if you haven’t heard of it, check it out. basically they send you a box every month with 4 or 5 samples of different high-end beauty goodies. considering i’m on a drugstore beauty budget, i’ll gladly fork out the $10/month to try some of this stuff. i’ll post pictures and reviews of all of my goodies here!

do you subscribe to Birchbox? what’s been your favorite sample?


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